Hello world, pun intended!

This is a placeholder for my first blog post. I used Jekyll and Github pages to set it all up. Here is an image of how the configuration looks like:


I am planning to redesign this site, since the theme of this blog is realy barebone and does not have much to offer. I kind of like that minimalistic design so I will stick with it, but will add some more features like a dark mode. For now I want to keep it simple and create this short post to test out some features of Jekyll, since it lets you write blog post in markdown

What to expect?

I will be doing an internship next year in Portugal and I will also post some vlogs so stay tuned. Other than that here is a list I can think of right now:

  • Tutorials on all kinds of IT related stuff
  • Sharing my experience being a vegan for like 4 years now
  • Future plans, goals and how to achieve them
  • How to become independent and start a successful online business
  • Health & Nutrition

These are just some ideas I have and you will see posts when I have some quality content to offer.

Stay tuned,


Written on December 7, 2018