Hi there! My name is Dennis and I am a computer science student from Berlin. Besides coding I like cycling and do some weight lifting and running from time to time. I also enjoy taking photos to capture some memories in pixel format on my Instagram acoount. Ubuntu is my go to operating system and VSCode my favorite code editor.

I like the idea of starting my own business and being independent.Freedom is very important to me, not only on an individual level, but also in society in general. I am against business damaging regulations, taxes and other governmental influence in the free market and so I am keeping an eye out on the possibilities in the world and different jurisdictions other than the EU and Germany, to go where I am treated better.

Eventually I want to either become a freelancer and be able to work remotely from anywhere in the world or become an entrepreneur and start my own business, which also would fulfill that goal. I would like to help other people in the future, when I eventually get to that point. But these are just my current plans and maybe God will change that all up! As a Christian I want to do a great job and help others!

Any questions?

You can contact me here